MyFinPlan is owned and run by Peter Strydom Financial Services CC T/A Enhance IFA Solutions which is a registered Financial Services Provider, number 3441. It is a public education resource provided at no cost to the general public, and specifically relates to the South African financial planning environment.

Peter Strydom and his son, Garth Strydom, are both independent financial advisors operating out of Durban, South Africa. They both have a passion for financial education and believe that everybody deserves access to quality information and tools, especially considering the rapidly changing financial services environment in South Africa. With this changing regulatory environment it is getting increasingly difficult and expensive to gain access to truly independent advice and information without the worry of trying to be sold a product. It was with this in mind that they decided to create MyFinPlan.

Should you wish to get in contact with us, or if you require any further assistance,  our contact details are below.


Email:  info@myfinplan.co.za                             Telephone: +27 31 205 2496